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Phoenix Combustion Products

We are proud to announce the launch and immediate availability of the Algas-SDI’s Phoenix Burner platform featuring the Velocity Heat (VH) and Simple Heat (SH) burners.

Complete burners and replacement parts available for quick delivery.

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Phoenix VH

Phoenix VH Burners

When you need rugged dependability, Phoenix Velocity Heat (VH) has you covered up to 2,000,000 BTU/hr. Typical applications for the VH burners include batch and continuous furnaces for heat treating, thermal oxidizers, non-ferrous melting furnaces, and many more. VH direct fired burners are made to last, built with rugged dependability and reliability in mind.

Phoenix SH Burners

The Phoenix Simple Heat (SH) packaged burner is a nozzle-mixing burner with an integral air blower designed to operate with fixed combustion air over a wide turndown range. The SH packaged burners are ideal for installation on heaters, textile ovens and in situations where the fuel is highly variable (800 Btu/ft3 to 3200 Btu/ft3).

No pipeline? No problem! 

TRUXX Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Decompression Systems.

TRUXX CNG decompression systems make transportable natural gas (CNG, RNG or biogas) easier to use.

RNG systems from Algas-SDI provide site design flexibility for efficient easy to operate injection systems.

Our Biogas mixing systems allow every last bit of waste gas to be captured and used rather than flared. Perfect for waste water facilities, landfills, biofuel processing plants, etc.