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Algas-SDI Mission

Our Business

Algas-SDI is a manufacturer of products and systems for the reliable deployment of clean hydrocarbon fuels worldwide. We design and manufacture a wide variety of LP-Gas Vaporizers, LP-Gas-Air mixers for replacing or augmenting the supply of Natural Gas, Natural Gas-air mixers for augmenting the supply of digester gas, Natural Gas-air mixers for combustion process pre-mixing, and Ammonia vaporizers for thermal de-NOx and industrial processes. Algas-SDI, together with its partners world-wide, offers its customers an excellent single source for design, installation, and service for total system needs, supported by expert application engineering services.

Our Vision

We will be a quality-driven company, treating our employees with respect, while expecting them to continually improve their knowledge and skills; we will continuously improve our processes, delegating decision-making to the most knowledgeable people; we will work to improve our communities, and create an enjoyable work environment; we will become the global, technical, and market leader in the industry while focusing on our primary products and customers; we will pursue safety in all our product designs; and we will be ethical corporate citizens.

Our Values

At Algas-SDI, we know that things work better when we work together toward a common goal. That’s why we forge working partnerships with our employees, our suppliers, our communities, and most importantly, our customers. We work together with our partners under this same principle…. always working together to bring you the optimal solution to your most challenging opportunities.

Company History

Algas-SDI - historic photoIn 1932 American Liquid Gas Corporation (later known as Algas Industries) received its first patent for a unique vaporizer – the direct gas fired vaporizer for use with LP-Gas. This type of vaporizer soon became the standard throughout the Americas and many other places around the world. Later, in 1937, the design was improved and another patent was issued on the pre-cursor to what is now called the 40/40H and 80/40H. Algas Industries also manufactured a popular line of engine carburetors that was later sold to IMPCO.

The E. Sam Dick Company, formed in 1958 by E. Sam Dick and Verle Brown, quickly became known for its Natural Gas replacement systems utilizing LP-Gas. As the company grew and designed new products, they recognized the need for a vaporizer that could lend itself to very compact installations with little or no ongoing maintenance. Electric vaporizers at the time all used water as the heat transfer medium and customers had to constantly fight corrosion and re-fill the water. Thus the birth of the dry electric vaporizer – several national and international patents were awarded to Sam Dick Industries beginning in 1972.

In 1994 Algas Industries acquired the assets of Interex Gas Systems based in Washington State and relocated to Dallas, Texas. Later, in 1999, Algas-Industries and Sam Dick Industries joined forces forming Algas-SDI International, LLC.

Algas-SDI now has the widest product offering in the industry – a benefit to you. State-of-the-art products, designed by experienced engineers, produced in accordance with the strictest codes and quality standards, and built by the best people in the industry. This is the Algas-SDI commitment to you.

Designing, producing, and marketing high quality, reliable products is important to all of us at Algas-SDI. We design our products to utilize the latest advancements in technology. This ability to blend new technologies with years of industry experience creates a benchmark by which all other manufacturers are compared. We have a firm commitment to be a quality driven company with a focus on continuous improvement.

From small gas fired or electric vaporizers and compact packaged systems to large fully engineered and integrated utility systems, Algas-SDI has the resources and products to provide the solution to your energy challenge.