Danish Creamery

Natural Gas Replacement System in Fresno, CA

In order to lower facility production costs, Danish Creamery had a desire to contract for interruptible natural gas supply for their steam boiler plant. However, dairy cows will continue to produce milk, which must be processed, even when the gas utility asks the producer to curtail gas use. If and when a natural gas curtailment outage comes, Danish must continue production.

R.F. MacDonald Co. specified and installed a Sam Dick 30,000 gallon propane fuel back up system to ensure continuous steam plant operation during a natural gas curtailment. The equipment allows Danish Creamery to switch from natural gas to LPG fuel air mix on the fly!

Turnkey LPG Back-Up Fuel System

The scope of work was to design and build a LPG back up plant capable of supplying 150 million BTU/hr of capacity for the existing Cleaver Brooks industrial watertube steam boilers, also furnished and serviced by R.F. MacDonald Co. To accomplish this, our engineers designed and built a plant from the ground up.

The plant included a 30,000 gallon LPG storage tank, direct fired vaporizer, Blackmer LPG pump, air mix station, air compressor, tank deluge system, underground gas piping, electrical and a chain link enclosure. The LPG/air mix had to be supplied at 28 PSIG to accommodate fuel supply pressure requirements for the existing boilers, which required an air compressor. Typically, LPG/air can only be supplied up to 12 PSIG without air pressure assist.

The plant was built on schedule giving Danish Creamery the confidence that the plant was not at the mercy of the utility gas supply. The system acceptance was accomplished with an automatic fuel supply switch over during plant operation.

R.F. MacDonald Co. can supply LPG back up systems for the very smallest requirements all the way up to the largest capacity boiler plants. Our experience allows us to guarantee that the boilers and back up system will work together to meet our customers needs, even for a milk plant where continuous operation is critical.