Common terms in the fuel gas product and systems industry


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  • Anhydrous Ammonia
    NH3 – is a fluid in the refrigerant category that is often used to mitigate nitrous oxides (NOx) in combustion processes by adding it to the flue gases inside of a catalyst bed to create water vapor and nitrogen. This general process is also used in the automotive sector but with a derivative known as urea. NH3 is flammable and does not create CO2 when burned so it can be used as a heating fuel. Anhydrous ammonia can also be created from green hydrogen to improve transportability and storage density. Farmers have used NH3 for many years as a source of nitrogen to replenish the soil after crops have depleted nitrogen levels during the growth cycle.




  • CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)
    Natural Gas that is compressed to high pressures (2000-4500psi) in order to increase its energy density for storage and transport.

















  • LP-Gas (Liquid Propane Gas)
    Liquid Propane Gas is a dense fuel in the refrigerant category that is easy and economical to transport. Many regions distinguish predominantly propane gas from that blended with various concentrations of butane, by using the terms LP-Gas and LPG respectively. All commercial forms of LP-Gas and LPG contain small quantities of pentane, hexane, octane, ethane, etc. as they are either separated from oil wells, gas wells or refined from petroleum sources. All forms of propane and butane are naturally odorless so they are odorized with a sulfur based mercaptan for safety.











  • rDME
    renewable Dimethyl Ether (C2H6O)is a carbon friendly renewable gas product that behaves and burns with characteristics similar to propane (LP-Gas). It can be created from biogas derived from waste resources or by adding CO2 recovered from carbon capture operations to H2 produced from renewable energy sources.
  • RNG (Renewable Natural Gas)
    Renewable Natural Gas is a methane-rich gas derived from natural biological sources such as animal manure and compost or from waste water treatment plants and lanfills. The resulting gas is cleaned and separated and sometimes sweetened so that it has the same properties as pipeline quality natural gas.









  • Vaporizer
    Device that adds heat to a liquid until it boils in order to convert it to vapor. Can be either atmospheric or powered from a variety of energy sources. Commonly used in the refrigerant and cryogenic fluid ranges.









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Common terms in the fuel gas product and systems industry

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