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HYDREXX™ Hot Water or Steam Powered LP-Gas Vaporizers

HYDREXXHydrexx™ fills the critical application niche where 3-phase electrical power is lacking, or where an open flame Direct Fired vaporizer is inappropriate.

If corrosion has plagued your installations then look no further. The HYDREXX butane / propane vaporizer manufactured by Algas-SDI is made from corrosion resistant materials for long life.

Coupled with Algas-SDI’s proven Liqui-SAFE valve, the HYDREXX LPG vaporizer provides a reliable and safe source of vaporized propane or butane. The HYDREXX is a perfect substitute for direct gas fired propane vaporizers where an increase in perceived safety is desired or where the vaporizer needs to be mounted in close proximity to the tank. It is common to install these units with compact wall-mount hydronic boilers making for a safe yet simple gas powered solution.


  • Corrosion FREE! Stainless steel tubes and aluminum water jacket ensure “ZERO” corrosion failures
  • Proprietary Liqui-SAFE™ Valve positively prevents liquid carry-over and provides visual indication when tripped
  • Compact design fits easily in cabinet or small room with wall-mount boiler.
  • Operates on any LPG mixture from 100% propane to 100% butane
  • Perfect for any climate − rated from -40° F / -40° C
  • No electric components − no switches, thermostats, relays, or solenoid valves
  • Insulated heat exchanger
  • 100% turndown
  • Hot water or steam powered
  • Designed to ASME section VIII, Div 1
  • PED marked
  • Capacities
    • 160, 320 & 500 kg/hr
    • 80, 160 & 250 GPH nominal

The Heating Process

hydrexxsuitedHydrexx is a compact indirect heated vaporizer. The heat source can be excess hot water from a process or from a dedicated hydronic boiler (remote or packaged from the factory). Hydrexx can also accept saturated process steam as the heating medium.

Hydrexx is corrosion resistant! The heating medium (e.g. hot water or steam) flows inside stainless steel tubes encased by the aluminum shell. The process fluid (e.g. propane, butane or LPG) is admitted on the shell side and extracts the heat from the stainless steel tubes. Our proprietary Liqui-SAFE™ valve prevents liquid LPG from passing downstream of the vaporizer. And in the event of a ‘high liquid level’ occurrence, the LiquiSAFE™ valve provides visual indication of activation.


The “free-standing” Hydrexx HX Series is limited in supply scope to the heat exchanger, Liqui-Safe™ Valve and relief valve. All other appurtenances must be sourced locally or requested as options from Algas-SDI. A generalized installation is shown in the diagram above.