LPG and Propane Vaporizers

Safe, Simple, & Reliable

When you use an Algas-SDI vaporizer you are using the best!

Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)

LPG and Propane Vaporizers

At Algas-SDI our philosophy is that vaporizers should be safe, simple and reliable thus allowing the LP-Gas professional and end user the peace of mind and freedom to focus on what they do best. Our vaporizers are designed with decades of experience with LPG and various conditions all around the world. When you use an Algas-SDI vaporizer you are using the best!

ZIMMER™ Electric LPG Vaporizer

Algas-SDI innovated every element of the ZIMMER design ensuring years of safe, reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use LPG vaporization.

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LP Gas Products

TORREXX™ CE Dry Electric LPG Vaporizer

TORREXX™ CE is a heavy-duty, fast-acting LP-Gas vaporizer. It provides reliable and efficient process performance for commercial, municipal, and industrial applications worldwide.

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TORREXX™ FM Dry Electric LPG Vaporizer

TORREXX™ FM fills the application niche where 3-phase power is available and eliminates the corrosion, evaporation and frequent ‘shut-downs’ associated with electric waterbaths.

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HYDREXX™ Hot Water or Steam Powered LP-Gas Vaporizers

HYDREXX™ fills the critical application niche where 3-phase electrical power is lacking, or where an open flame Direct Fired vaporizer is inappropriate.

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Direct Fired LPG Vaporizer

Algas-SDI’s Direct Fired line of vaporizers are a safe and simple solution to your vaporization needs. No electricity required and withstands the harshest conditions.

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POWER™ P Series Electric LPG Vaporizer

Power vaporizers are used in a wide variety of applications and can operate in conjunction with a mixer to provide a standby system with uninterrupted LPG supply at peak capacity.

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AZEOVAIRE™ Steam Powered LPG Vaporizer

The AZEOVAIRE features a bayonet style shell and tube heat exchanger that utilizes saturated steam to vaporize liquid LPG. Indirect heating design is simple and reliable.

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AZEOVAIRE™ Hot Water Powered LPG Vaporizer

The AZEOVAIRE™ features a bayonet style shell and tube heat exchanger that utilizes hot water to vaporize liquid LPG. It offers 100% turndown.

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AQUAVAIRE™ Horizontal Gas-Fired Waterbath Vaporizer

AQUAVAIRE Horizontal vaporizers are workhorses designed for large industrial applications and for utility peak shaving. While we offer a standard configuration, these units are frequently tailored to specific needs.

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AQUAVAIRE™ Vertical Gas Fired Waterbath LPG Vaporizer

Algas-SDI AQUAVAIRE vaporizers set the industry standard with their proven long-term reliability in all weather conditions. These rugged, but refined, gas fired waterbath vaporizers take the beating of continuous or occasional use.

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