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POWER P™ Series Electric LPG Vaporizer

Power-Multi-CorePower vaporizers are used in a wide variety of applications such as utilities, production plants, and large hotels. The Power vaporizer can also operate in conjunction with a mixer to provide a standby system with uninterrupted LPG supply at peak capacity.
  • Assembled with multiple heater cores linked in parallel via a common liquid and vapor manifold to provide larger vaporization capacity within an integrated, compact system.
  • Dry electric vaporizer requires no water. Corrosion and sediment build up are eliminated.
  • Virtually no maintenance required.
  • Finned heat exchanger maximizes heat transfer surface area allowing for compact design, high efficiency and adds the most superheat.
  • Polyethylene insulation jacket prevents heat loss to the environment.
  • Standard unit satisfies NFPA standards as a Class I, Division 2, Group D unit.
  • Unit also available with explosion proof configuration (Class I, Division 1, Group D).
  • Standard Units are FM & CSA approved
  • Worldwide voltages available
  • Division 2 units are supplied with a power distribution block requiring only one power feed.
  • Capacities
    10.9 – 65.74 MMbtu
    120 – 720 GPH (nominal)
    230 – 1382 Kg/hr