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TORREXX™ CE Dry Electric LPG-Gas Vaporizer

Torrexx™ is a heavy-duty, fast-acting LP-Gas vaporizer. It provides reliable and efficient process performance for commercial, municipal, and industrial applications worldwide. Its aluminum construction and compact footprint make it lightweight and easy to install and move.

Torrexx™ defines the industrial standard for dry electric LPG vaporizers. Heater control is through the use of solid state relays or a robust contactor (depending on the capacity of the model). In the event of a “high liquid level occurrence,” our proprietary Liqui-Safe Valve™ prevents liquid LPG from passing downstream of the vaporizer. The valve provides visual indication of activation. This allows easy troubleshooting and assures the end-user the device is functioning properly.

  • Solid-state relay for reduced maintenance (high capacity models)
  • Heavy-duty contactor (low capacity models)
  • 98% thermal efficiency
  • Corrosion-free
  • Simple and compact
  • No water-glycol
  • Liqui-SAFE™ Valve
  • Auto-restart after power interruption
  • Easily fits inside cabinet
Torrexx CE Applications

Operational Characteristics

The Torrexx™ is a robust, yet simple, LPG electric vaporizer. No start/stop switches are used. When power is applied, the vaporizer is ON and ready for operation within seconds!

Heating elements are cast “in-situ” in the aluminum core. Two thermocouples housed in a common sheath directly control normal operation and provide over-temperature protection. Operational set-points are factory set.

Fusible links provide additional over-temperature protection.

Torrexx™ is available in all common voltages. Explosion proof designs are ATEX/IECEx approved to comply with CE type Zone I applications. Hazardous area classification allows Torrexx™ to be installed adjacent to a tank or building with no minimum separation requirements.


The Algas-SDI Advantage

Algas-SDI developed its first vaporizer in 1932. Over eighty years later, we still lead the market in quality, innovation and commitment to our purpose. Our products allow businesses located off the gas grid or under curtailment, to operate. We eliminate downtime ensuring workers can work and goods and services can flow to market.