CNG Learning Center

What is CNG?

  • CNG-compressionCompressed natural gas (CNG) is primarily methane. Natural gas also includes other hydrocarbons.
  • One way to make transportation of natural gas cost-effective is to compress the natural gas to make the volume much smaller.
  • CNG is loaded into specialty trucks for delivery to sites where natural gas is needed.

What is CNG Decompression?

  • cng-decompressionWhen high-pressure natural gas arrives at a site in a truck, the high-pressure gas needs pressure reduction.
  • Similar to an air conditioner, reducing the gas pressure makes everything cold – so we add heat to the gas.
  • Our control systems continually monitor process temperature, pressure and flow rates and transmit this data to an operations center. This data is needed for logistics purposes.
  • The end user has the experience of having pipeline natural gas – it’s just that the pipeline is on wheels!

How Industrial CNG Works

Industrial CNG subsets:

  • Central heat plants (large commercial-industrial facilities)
  • High-horsepower (exploration & processing) field-service companies
  • Emergency systems (backfilling for system disruptions)
  • Community gas (providing natural gas to municipalities not connected to pipeline gas)



Image Courtesy of Hexagon-Lincoln