TRUXX portable and fixed CNG decompression stations make natural gas accessible, reliable, and easy to use for locations off the grid.


TRUXX is a fully functional CNG decanting system that gives end users access to natural gas as quickly and easily as possible with minimal downtime. The TRUXX CNG pressure-reduction units are ideal for commercial and industrial facilities, utilities, high-horsepower field-service companies, and others not connected to a pipeline.

TRUXX portable CNG decompression skids enable natural gas to start flowing in less than 6 hours after arriving on site. For TRUXX fixed locations, flow begins in 7 days.

Our systems address critical items for CNG suppliers, including:

  • Low-cost installation
  • Low heel pressure & inlet temperature
  • Simple, reliable heat system
  • Ease of maintenance

TRUXX deliver more than just natural gas:

Long-Term Value

TRUXX provides long-term value by incorporating features that minimize your continuing operating expenses. Our systems are designed, manufactured, and pre-tested to expedite and simplify installation on your site. Installation only requires a concrete pad (for fixed locations) and a small electrical source to begin flowing gas.

Increased Reliability

TRUXX ensures reliability, which means a predictable and reliable track record through well-proven standardized designs. All TRUXX units are designed and manufactured by our trained professional staff.

Easy Maintenance

Tired of crossing pipes and wires? The TRUXX G-Series was designed to allow ample space to service equipment.

Fewer Complexities

High pressures? Low temperatures? Variable flow rates? We considered all these conditions when designing TRUXX. As such, we removed potential obstacles that keep you from doing your business — moving natural gas.

  • Standardized design of TRUXX units enables short lead times.
  • Modular heating system allows incremental sizes up to 18,000 CFM.
  • Two integral decanting posts to main unit reduce site installation costs. (TRUXX G-Series and TRUXX E-Series)
  • Our unique pressure control design allows for a reliable and stable discharge pressure.

truxx-customer-site2TRUXX CNG decompression stations are offered in three different heating technologies: