CNG Utility Peak Shaving Systems Case Study

With the lack of pipeline capacity, a Northeast utility during peak demand days in the winter chose a solution to inject CNG into the pipeline grid to bridge gas supply constraints. Algas-SDI provided its reliable TRUXX compressed natural gas injection systems at four of their injection sites. By injecting CNG into the grid during these cold weather/high demand events, this utility is now able to sustain a larger daily capacity, avoiding those challenging pipeline capacity constraints.

This Northeast utility was encountering rapid demand growth while also facing supply constraints, especially in the cold winter months. The combination of the two led to customer curtailments and new customer connection restrictions. With restrictions on new pipelines, challenges with the use of LNG in the city, and continually rising natural gas demands, they opted to deploy CNG for peak shaving purposes at four strategic locations.

Algas-SDI was selected as the supplier based on our prior successes at previous large-scale CNG Utility Peak Shaving systems in the Northeast. The TRUXX’s quick installation, simple operation, and easy maintenance over time make for a unique all-in-one package. The systems can be easily relocated to future sites with minimal field work if the pipeline constraints move.

Each injection site was equipped with capacity to unload 24 trailers simultaneously, a natural gas-powered waterbath heater, pressure reduction, and gas flow measurement. These systems have undergone extensive layers of protection analysis (LOPA) and have built-in redundancy, providing extra precautions. Algas-SDI helped deploy the systems for operation in less than 10 months from order date to full capacity. Each system has the capacity to inject up to 2.2 MDth/hr and unload 15 MDth of natural gas in 7 hours, bringing their total CNG capacity to 62 MDth/day. The 62 MDth/day is the largest CNG operations of its kind in the United States. Algas-SDI was excited to be an integral part of this project.

Algas-SDI is a manufacturer of products and systems for the reliable deployment of natural gas, including peak shaving systems using propane-air and compressed natural gas (CNG). To learn more about Algas-SDI and the solutions we provide for utilities, visit our website at

One of four CNG injection sites in the Northeast
One of four CNG injection sites in the Northeast
CNG Utility Peak Shaving System