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Gas-Fired TRUXX G-Series – Portable and Fixed Installations

Algas-SDI has developed a revolutionary CNG decompression sysTRUXX-Gtem with the TRUXX G-Series. The G-Series was the designed to offer the lowest power consumption of any CNG skid. The G-Series gives users all of the functionality and controls provided by our other systems. The key to the G-Series is the proprietary heating system specifically designed for CNG.

Whether your CNG equipment needs to stay in one place or go mobile, the G-Series is your full-function solution that can be installed on a trailer for portable applications or at a fixed installation.

  • Integrated high-pressure heater with no remote glycol loop
  • Low power consumption for sites that have little power available — less than 1 kWh of electricity compared to other systems using as much as 6 kWh for lower flows.
  • Unit is built in 20′ shipping container, allowing for easy chassis/trailer selection or concrete pad installation and keeping your assets mobile
  • Simple-to-understand HMI so you can quickly understand what is happening with your system
  • Designed for ease of maintenance
  • Modules available to 1250 CFM

The TRUXX G-Series CNG decompression system is the easiest to install.

  • Units available in multiple sizes to meet your capacity.
  • Designed to operate in a Class I, Division 2 electrical classification area.
  • Weights estimated at 11,000–12,500 lbs. depending on capacity. Unit can be moved on gooseneck trailer with heavy-duty pickup.
  • PLC designed with Ethernet connection to allow CNG distributor remote access to process information and alarm conditions.
  • Two integral trailer lanes eliminate all high-pressure field piping.
  • Only requires single-phase electrical supply.
  • System requires no compressed air.

The TRUXX G-Series features an interior design that gives technicians ample space to work on the unit inside the container. Interior highlights include:

  • -70°F (-57°C) inlet temperature ratings allow use of type IV trailers in cold climates.
  • All components prior to first-stage regulators rated to 4500 psig/310 bar (highest CNG trailer pressure available).
  • Automatic lane switching allows unmanned operation.
  • Division 2 natural gas heater requires less than 50 gallons of glycol.
  • Outlet temperature control responds quickly to load changes and trailer switches.
  • System pressure remains stable when load changes without relief valves opening.
  • Rugged first-stage pressure reduction eliminates costly seat wear.
  • System comes standard with Coriolis flow meter. These meters have high turndown, no moving parts, and are resilient to dirty gas.
  • Interlocks such as ESD, high LEL, over pressure, and low temperature are all actively monitored. Safety is always our first priority.