Safety is Our Priority


Algas-SDI believes safety is core to CNG because you don’t get a second chance. Our rugged TRUXX systemsare equipped with all the necessary safety features to ensure safe, reliable operation.

TRUXX CNG decompression systems feature reliable electrical and instrumentation controls. These controls were selected for their ruggedness, reliability, and operability. High-pressure piping and valves are rated for 4500 psig and have multiple layers of over-pressure protection. Since low temperatures are a concern in the decompression process, we’ve designed TRUXX for temperatures lower than -70°F, making TRUXX the decompression industry’s low-temp leader.

What happens in an emergency? When the system recognizes an emergency condition exists, actuated valves on each fill connection close automatically to shut the system down and into a safe state. The shutdown can be triggered by an alarm condition, a local emergency stop button or by remote access from centralized operation center. Optional positive ground and authorization switches ensure the operator has performed necessary steps to connect the trailer.

Backup Fuel Systems

In addition to decompression equipment, Algas-SDI also builds LPG vaporizers and LPG/air mixing equipment. This backup system ensures you always will be able to deliver BTUs to your end-user.

LPG/air is an ideal backup fuel because it behaves identically to natural gas. It flows through the same pipe, the same regulators, and the same NG burners. An LPG/ air mixing system from Algas-SDI provides security of supply with fuel on site and complements the TRUXX package for critical applications in which the customer cannot accommodate any NG interruptions.