RNG SystemRenewable Natural Gas (RNG)

Trailer offloading, decompression systems for pipeline injection of renewable natural gas (RNG).

Why RNG?

Algas-SDI’s methane injection systems are based on the well-proven TRUXX CNG platform. Waterbath gas or electric heated PRU’s blend Algas-SDI’s CNG systems experience at commercial through utility peaking systems with the measurement and controls necessary for continuous, reliable pipeline injection of gas generated from renewable resources.

RNG System

TRUXX Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Technologies

Biogas Mixing

Constamix and Blendaire mixing systems for sweetening/enrichening or diluting biogas for use in generators, boilers or other combustion processes. These systems are typically used at Landfill and Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP).

Customized Solutions

Our engineering staff have worked with many clients to customize a solution for their specific needs. We have extensive experience with Utility safety protocols. If your application requires Risk Assessments or Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) sessions to satisfy local jurisdiction requirements and operational safety protocols for the facilities we are here to assist in the process.

biogas mixing