SNG Accessories

Economy Valve

valveThe Economy Valve functions as a high-low pressure valve that allows full use of energy from the environment when available and supplements with energy provided by a vaporizer when insufficient. The valve is for use with both gas fired and electric LP-Gas vaporizers.


Filtaire Oil Demister

FILTAIRETraps heavy ends commonly present in LPG vapor. The FILTAIRE can be easily installed in either new or existing system with minimal piping changes.

  • Permanent filter element to remove contaminants from LPG vapor.
  • Designed to ASME pressure vessel code.
  • Unit comes standard with pressure gauges for differential pressure, stand and drain assembly with plug.
  • Dual float system available
  • First float switch provides the ability to remotely monitor the liquid level in the Filtaire and the second float switch shuts down the system when the Filtaire is too full.
  • ASME, CRN, and CE marked




GA500 Process Gas Calorimeter

calorimeterPrecision instrument used in feed control and gas blending where continuous measurement of the gas heating value is required.

  • The GA500™ burns a sample of the LPG/Air mixture to provide an accurate measurement of the Wobbe Index.
  • Gas flows through a fixed orifice; there are no moving parts or complex operation which means reliability is unparalleled.
  • The temperature differential is measured, not the absolute temperature of the flame. Hence, if the outdoor air conditions change after calibration (at higher humidity or higher temperature), the accuracy and repeatability will not be affected.
  • The GA500 is a free standing panel. Therefore, the installation is simple and inexpensive.
  • Digital Display for easy monitoring; 4-20mA control signal for automatic ratio control of LPG/Air Wobbe Index.
  • Alarm Output included.
  • Copper tubing is used to route gas to burner. Other manufacturers use plastic tubing. Plastic will crack over time due to thermal expansion and contraction.
  • The GA500 incorporates proven, off the shelf components in our design that are readily available. Other manufactures use proprietary components that drive up the price and limit availability.
  • GA500WC Model
    • Includes calorific value and specific gravity display.
    • The unit includes a densitometer that accurately measures the specific gravity. The Calorific Value is accurately calculated and displayed from the Wobbe Index and specific gravity.


Flare Stacks

flareA device used to safely burn propane, gas / air mixtures, and any other waste gas that may need to be disposed of. When starting a mixing system or making adjustments to a blending system, the gas may not be appropriate to burn. A flarestack is used to help in setting up systems for operation.

  • Safely burns LPG, LPG/Air Mixtures, and other waste gas that needs to be disposed off.
  • High capacity flare stack complete with 2″ or 3″ flare base, flare head and controls.
  • Electronic ignition with pilot burner ensures gas is burned
  • Flame safeguard monitors pilot flame status
  • Separate pilot supply ensures stable pilot
  • Stainless Steel burner head