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Consta-MIX Natural Gas Air Mixing System

Algas-SDI Consta-MIX™ systems are used to dilute natural gas or LPG with air for augmenting the supply of digester gas to run standard and low emission stationary reciprocating engine generators, and for pre-mixing natural gas or LP-gas with air for combustion applications. The Consta-MIX valve is a proprietary zero pressure mixing valve with two sets of cones and orifices that control the flow rate of each gas to a specific mixing ratio. A vernier adjustment slide allows finite adjustment and gives high tolerance control of the gas quality throughout the entire flow range. Ideal for: waste water treatment plants, landfill gas users, glass factory forehearths, and other combustion process that benefit from uniform mixing and even heat distribution instead of nozzle mixing.

Consta-MIX Natural Gas Air Mixing System

Natural Gas Air Mixing System


Complete natural gas/air mixing system includes Consta-Mix mixing valve, Eclipse blower and zero governor.


Available up to 5 PSIG delivery pressure.


Capacities range from 560,000 BTU/Hr – 7,850,000 BTU/Hr.


100 to 1 turndown (with cooling loop).


Perfect mixer for burner pre-mix applications or digester gas replacement for generating electricity at wastewater treatment plants.


Special epoxy coated systems also available for mixing digester gas with natural gas.

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