Vaporaire-ASDI-1-1Algas-SDI VAPORAIRE mixers use propane or LPG to create a synthetic natural gas mixture by entraining air and gas through a venturi and diffuser set. These systems are designed for the rigors of heavy duty industrial applications and outdoor installation. Systems 21MM Btu/Hr and larger are equipped with a temperature controlled enclosure and PLC based controls. All units are manufactured with ASME “U” stamped surge tanks and have CRN’s for all Canadian provinces. Discharge pressures from 5-15 PSIG with propane and 5-8 PSIG with LPG are available using atmospheric air while discharge pressures up to 40 SPIG are available with compressed air. Models requiring compressed air are supplied without surge tank.

PLC controlled mixing unit provides 100% turndown capability and mixed gas pressures up to 15 PSIG for commercial propane LPG feedstock (8 PSIG for butane rich LPG mixtures) Up to 40 PSIG is available with compressed air.

  • Explosion-Proof design — Class I, Div 1, Gr. D — can be placed close to storage tank and vaporizer
  • 110V/50-60Hz or 220V/50-60Hz available
  • Heated explosion-proof enclosure
  • FM Approved
  • Capacities
    • 7 – 250 MMBTU/hr