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Quality Policy and Values

Algas-SDI Quality Policy

In achieving our aim Algas-SDI will:

  • Do what we say, on time, all the time
  • Guarantee our quality
  • Deliver reliable products
  • Minimize the need for after sales service
  • Be efficient and eliminate waste
  • Provide superior financial returns
  • Respond to customers promptly
  • Continually improve
  • Satisfy the applicable requirements of relevant interested parties

Algas-SDI Values:

  • Passion – our fidelity to our purpose is inspiring and helps us thrive
  • Innovation – creativity and originality in all that we do
  • Quality – what we do we do well
  • Collaboration – leveraging the genius in us all
  • Respect – with honor trust and regard for each other
  • Integrity – with honesty and transparency always
Algas-SDI Quality Certificates