Phoenix SH Packaged Burner

Phoenix SH Fixed Air Burners feature simplicity and reliability.


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Simple Heat Fixed Air Burner

The Phoenix Simple Heat (SH) packaged burner is a nozzle-mixing burner with an integral air blower designed to operate with fixed combustion air over a wide turndown range.

The SH packaged burners are ideal for installation on heaters, textile ovens and in situations where the fuel is highly variable (800 Btu/ft3 to 3200 Btu/ft3). They are perfect for ovens needing additional air to carry moisture away from the product being heated.

SH burners are made to last, with rugged dependability and reliability built in.

Fixed air operation plus integral gas orifices make the SH one of the simplest burners to setup and adjust. Installation, operation and maintenance are simple and cost effective.

ModelRating (BTU/hr)Gas Inlet (NPT)Blower Motor (HP)

SH Burner Capabilities

Turndown30:1 (fixed air)
Fuels*Natural gas, Propane
Max. Operating Temperature1500°F
Max. Combustion Air Temperature300°F

*Contact factory for additional fuels


Customization with packaged convenience — All SH components have been pre-engineered to come together to meet your specific requirements. You choose the capacity range, fuel type, flame sensing type, and valve control motor signal you need to do the job.

The SH burner includes industry standard ancillary components ensuring compatibility with your equipment.

Large turndown — A wide turndown range with high excess air means SH delivers heat reliably across its operating range.

Dependable ignition — With SH you can light anywhere in the ignition range with no pilot required.

Unparalleled fuel and control convenience — SH offers the convenience of multi-fuel capability with no nozzle change.