Phoenix VH Direct Fired Burner

Phoenix VH Direct Fired Burners feature rugged dependability.


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Phoenix VH Direct-Fired Burner

When you need rugged dependability, Phoenix Velocity Heat (VH) has you covered up to 2,000,000 BTU/hr.

Typical applications for the VH burners include batch and continuous furnaces for heat treating, thermal oxidizers, non-ferrous melting furnaces, and many more. VH direct fired burners are made to last, built with rugged dependability and reliability in mind.

Integrated gas and air orifices simplify burner piping, set-up and adjustment. The orientation of the integral air and gas inlets are adjustable in 90-degree increments to suit a variety of piping alternatives making installation, operation and maintenance simple and cost effective.

The VH burners can be operated on-ratio and with fixed air control schemes. The built-in ignitor ensures reliable ignition of the VH burners across the entire operating range.

High-temperature powder coated and stainless steel parts assure that the burner will stand up to the demanding environments of industrial heat treat applications. All burner components are easily accessible making annual maintenance of the burner fast and easy.

The VH burners are designed to be compatible with the Honeywell® (1) and Eclipse® (2) ThermJet burners and are a direct replacement for the TJ burners without any material impact on performance and other operational aspects of the process.

VH Burner Capabilities

Turndown10:1 (on-ratio); 50:1 (fixed air)
Fuels*Natural gas, Propane
Max. Operating Temperature1750°F
Max. Combustion Air Temperature300°F

*Contact factory for additional fuels


Highest velocity flame — The VH produces an intense stream of hot gases to thoroughly penetrate the load and deliver precise temperature uniformity for consistent product quality and system efficiency.

Large turndown combined with high excess air — wide turndown range with high excess air means VH delivers high velocity benefits and efficiencies across its operating range.

Customization with packaged convenience — All VH components have been pre-engineered to come together to meet your specific requirements. You choose the capacity, combustor outlet velocity, fuel type, and flame sensing components you need to do the job.

Unparalleled fuel and control convenience — The VH offers the convenience of multi-fuel capability with no nozzle change. Plus, you can use any control methodology; pulse firing, excess air or on-ratio.

(1) Honeywell is a registered trademark of Honeywell International, Inc.

(2) Eclipse is a registered trademark of Eclipse, Inc.

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