TORREXX™ Electric LPG Vaporizer

Set your mind at ease and deliver the reliability of LP-Gas that your customer expects with Algas-SDI’s latest electric vaporizer-the TORREXX! Designed with both the discriminating LP-Gas professional and end-user in mind, the TORREXX raises the bar in performance, safety, and reliability. Compact, highly efficient, and extremely durable, the TORREXX is poised to become the new industry standard for electric vaporizers.

Direct Fired LPG Vaporizer

Tired of tank “freeze-ups” and production losses? Looking for a simple, economical, and easy to install solution? Lacking electricity or needing a portable LPG vaporization option? Look no further than Algas-SDI’s Direct Fired line of vaporizers for a safe and simple solution to your vaporization needs.


No pipeline? No problem. TRUXX portable and fixed CNG decompression stations make natural gas accessible, reliable, and easy to use for locations off the grid.

ZIMMER™ Electric LPG Vaporizer

The ZIMMER’s Patented design incorporates breakthrough technology never before seen in the LP-Gas industry. By departing from the status quo, Algas-SDI has created a product that is simple, reliable and affordable. You no longer have to make a choice between high quality and low price. With the ZIMMER you can have both!

Algas-SDI Corporate Video

Algas-SDI is the world’s leading provider of equipment for the standby and transportable fuels business for the last 80 years. We take pride in creating high-quality engineering design and packaged systems, with distribution to more than 87 countries worldwide. Equipped with an experienced in-house engineering and design team, Algas-SDI ensures quality control with ISO 9001 certification and offers the requisite code compliance.

Algas-SDI. We make transportable fuels easy to use.

Algas-SDI Second Sun Tank Heater

Second Sun™ is a flameless catalytic tank heater designed to safely and efficiently augment natural vaporization in propane, LPG and anhydrous ammonia storage tanks. When our environment is unable to supply the needed energy, Second Sun is an ideal solution!