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Who can benefit from a virtual pipeline?

Several entities and industries can benefit from the use of virtual pipelines, particularly in situations where traditional, fixed pipelines are not feasible or practical. Here are some groups that can derive advantages from virtual pipeline systems:

  1. Remote Communities: Virtual pipelines can bring natural gas to remote or isolated communities that are not connected to the main pipeline infrastructure. This is especially important for providing reliable and cleaner energy sources to areas that may otherwise rely on less sustainable alternatives.
  2. Industrial Facilities: Industries located in remote areas or those with fluctuating energy demands can benefit from the flexibility and rapid deployment of virtual pipelines. These industries may include mining operations, manufacturing plants, and construction sites.
  3. Power Generation: Virtual pipelines can support power generation facilities, especially in regions where permanent pipelines are not available. Natural gas is a cleaner-burning fuel compared to some alternatives, and virtual pipelines provide a means to transport it to power plants.
  4. Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery: In emergency situations or during disaster recovery efforts, virtual pipelines can quickly deliver energy resources to areas with disrupted infrastructure. This can include providing fuel for emergency generators or heating systems.
  5. Temporary or Mobile Projects: Virtual pipelines are well-suited for temporary projects, such as construction sites, events, or infrastructure development in areas without existing pipeline networks. They can be deployed and moved as needed.
  6. Energy Utilities: Utilities may use virtual pipelines to supplement their existing infrastructure or to meet increased demand during peak periods. This can provide a cost-effective and efficient solution to balance energy supply and demand.
  7. Transportation Sector: Natural gas-powered vehicles can benefit from virtual pipelines, as they offer a means of distributing compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG) to fueling stations. This can support the growth of natural gas as a transportation fuel.
  8. Interim Solutions for Pipeline Development: Virtual pipelines can serve as interim solutions while waiting for the construction of permanent pipeline infrastructure. This ensures a reliable energy supply during the transition period.
  9. Environmental Considerations: Virtual pipelines can be employed in regions where environmental concerns or regulatory constraints limit the construction of traditional pipelines. The mobility and adaptability of virtual pipelines can mitigate environmental impacts.

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TRUXX Virtual Pipeline

TRUXX Products

TRUXX Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Technologies

TRUXX CNG decompression stations are offered in three different heating technologies:


Electrical TRUXX E-Series

Fixed Installations

  • Lowest maintenance requirement of any CNG systems
  • Designed for automated or manual switchovers between trailers
  • Small footprint (unit is 12' by 8')
  • Quick start-up (at operating temperature in less than 4 minutes)
  • 316 stainless steel heat exchanger

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Gas-Fired TRUXX G-Series

Portable and Fixed Installations

  • Integrated high-pressure heater with no remote glycol loop
  • Low power consumption for sites that have little power available
  • Unit is built in 20' shipping container, allowing for easy chassis/trailer selection or concrete pad installation and keeping your assets mobile
  • Simple-to-understand HMI so you can quickly understand what is happening with your system
  • Designed for easy of maintenance

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Waterbath TRUXX W-Series

Portable and Fixed Installations

  • Integrated high-pressure heater with no remote glycol loop
  • Heating and decompression all on one skid for smaller installation footprint
  • Dedicated control room to house all of your required subsystem
  • Fully integrated controls reduce field integration and wiring
  • Simple-to-understand HMI so you can quickly determine what is happening with your system
  • Designed for easy of maintenance
  • Modules available greater than 1500 CFM

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Product Information & Resources

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Additional TRUXX Products

TRUXX portable and fixed CNG decompression stations make natural gas accessible, reliable, and easy to use for locations off the grid. TRUXX is a fully functional CNG decanting system that gives end users access to natural gas as quickly and easily as possible with minimal downtime.

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